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[sticky post] Delicious Account if Interested

Here is the link to my delicious site if you are looking for fanfiction recs:

My Bookmarks

Note: As of 06/06/12 I am re-organizing all of my bookmarks so it's easier to sort through them. Please bear with me as I do this. I have 119 pages of bookmarks with more to add, so this could take awhile. I don't have a lot of time to do this.

Please send me any recs you think I would be interested in. I love hearing about new stories to read :)

I'm glad to know...

that if I am legitimately raped my body will stop me from getting pregnant.

I knew I had a sperm laser inside me. Plus, at least now I can tell all those women who got pregnant from being "raped" that they're just crying wolf because it obviously doesn't happen.

Sometimes I can't choose whether to watch a comedian or a politician. The laugh factor is about the same, I think. Not that rape is funny because it isn't, but I enjoy watching politicians stick their foot (and sometimes entire lower body) in their mouth.

Siri Finds Out Steve Jobs Died

So, I was looking for reviews about Siri because I heard it's coming out on the iPad. I have heard that the OS update is the same for the iPad and iPod Touch so maybe I will be able to use Siri in the future. Anywho, I found this video instead in a morbid, dark kind of way. It's kind of an old video, but I've always been slow on the uptake lol

P.S. It's Common Ground this week and I will not be going I don't think. I wanted to see Three Days Grace and Saving Able on Saturday, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen : (

She did it!

I'm so happy!

Rolling Over

Today, after her bath, Madison halfway rolled over! She rolled up on to her side, but couldn't seem to get enough momentum to push herself all the way over. I finally had to push her because her arm was turning purple from laying on it. I'm so proud of her! Maybe tomorrow she'll roll over all the way? No rush, though.

On a sadder/happier note? On the 6th of this month she will no longer be a newborn. I guess they're only newborns until they are 3 months and then after that they're just babies lol.

A question for parents. Do any of you know of any toys to get for a 3 month old that thinks she's a 6 month old? All she wants to do is sit up and stand up, but she's not steady enough to do it on her own. I bought her a bouncer, but the hole to put her in was too big and she kept falling over : ( Unfortunately, because of my job and the male lack of wanting to hold her all the time, she needs something to keep her occupied. She's bored of her piano play mat and I'm out of ideas. So, any help would be great.

On another happy note...Jordyn Wieber came in 2nd in the USA Female Gymnastics trials so YAY!!! I wish I could go to the Olympics...not to compete lol just to watch. However, I doubt my work would let me and I don't want to take Madi on a plane yet.

And now I'm done...

P.S. My comment issue seems to have fixed itself. Thanks for everyone that gave me ideas of how to fix it myself!

P.P.S. Idk what is up with my trackpad. It randomly puts the cursor in different places even when I don't touch it lol. It has a mind of it's own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So, I can't seem to add comments on to posts? I don't know why. Why I go to comment on something the button is grey and unclickable (is that a word). I wanted to let someone know I picked up my sigtags, but I couldn't. So, I tried on another post at a different community and couldn't there either. I also tried logging in and out.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know how to fix it?

Heath Insurance

I have a per-existing medical condition, asthma, that requires a very expensive medicine, Advair, to treat. Advair without insurance is about $200 a month. With insurance  it's $100 a month, but I also have to pay for the health plan which is almost $200 because of the condition.

I can't afford health insurance. My parents can't afford to keep me on their plan either. However, I'm not poor enough to get Medicaid either.

So, Mr. Obama, what am I supposed to do about this? You're going to charge me a penalty for not having health insurance, which I probably won't be able to pay either.

I have no clue what I'm supposed to do about this.
There's graphic descriptions in this post so it's going under a cut. Don't read if you have a sensitive stomach or cry easily (I almost cried just hearing it)

People who are ideiotsCollapse )

Sad Day

50 Shades of Grey has officially surpassed Harry Potter as Fastest Selling Paperback of all Time.

It's a sad day : (

In Honor of the Olympics

Since I just found out the Olympics are July 27th (yes I'm behind)) here's a video I think is very inspirational

P.S. Go Jordyn Wieber! Have to root for you since you're from my hometown...don't know if that's happened before.

P.P.S. Think I have to go fix my other entry since I just realized I was in HTML mode. Facepalm